Saturday, June 19, 2010

Learning the equine language

I believe its up to us to learn the equine language, just like spanish or even sign language.  So many times we try to put our way of thinking on to the horse, expecting that he knows what we expect out of him with out our clear communication.  What do you think????????

Thursday, June 17, 2010

First Video of the Christa Lynn Series

New Horse Training Video series!!!!!

Hey Cowgirls and Guys,
Dont miss this chance to check out whats new and exciting in the horse world of communication.
You are probably wondering what makes this video series any different from all the others you have seen?
After working with so many incredible horseman and women over the years I have watched many students succeed, I have also watched many students walk away frustrated as so much of the information was way over their heads or they didnt have enough time in a clinic to make the impact stick, only to get home and feel like they didnt make any changes and are exactly where they left off.
My horse training videos are about communication, not technique. Understanding how your horse views his world, and how we can inter into it and make a lasting change through understanding.
I am not saying technique is not important but once you really understand how to communicate from your heart and mind then any technique can be applied.
I would love to have you check out my new website My new video is available now. Hope to hear from you. Christa Lynn