Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feel and Timing

Feel and timing is one of those concepts that sound so accomplished and yet we fumble in our minds with what it really means . We are all striving for it with our horses and yet talk about it with such mystery. How do we contain it. Is there a way to put these graceful words into a format or easy steps to follow.
Feel and timing are one of the most important ingredients in our horsemanship. It must come through in our lives before it can come through to our horsemanship.
Feel and timing should be what embraces our dreams, decisions, communications and how we roll up the hose.
Our horses are the ultimate example of feel and timing. They plan everything and yet make many decisions with no plans. They understand to survive they must feel the moment and time the action.
Feel and timing can only be attained when you are in the moment. If you are in the past or in the future you will not have the exact feel that you need for the moment you are in.
If you are in the moment you will have the timing you need exactly when you feel it.
We must abandon all cants, wont's, dont's and buts and allow our selves to give the present all that it deserves.
I invite your thoughts on feel and timing in your life. I love to share some practical ways to use this in your personal situation. Christa Lynn


  1. Christa, you are so right on about feeling and time for hesitation, it must come instantly. That is one of the hardest things I think to do when dealing with a horse; but in time is becomes second nature. I am getting there, slowly. The horse never hesitates, he reacts in a split second, to be in tuned and in time with the horse we must learn this too.
    The emails you send me on the creek crossing problem are really, really good information that I will use many times. Thank you so much!

  2. I really envy those natural horsemen for their ability to understand this concept! (Especially Buck Brannaman.) They just "get it." It's natural to them. Some of us will spend a lifetime trying to get that feel, and never will!
    Reading horse's cues, body language....and how they read ours, is equally difficult and part of that feel and timing. I just think it takes years and years of studying and working with horses, of many kinds, to figure it out!

  3. Pretty much all I do is trail ride and I think Jesse and I make a good team out there. However in the arena I usually get in his way if we're doing barrels or poles. And he gets excited for his turn to "bring it home!"If we had more than 3 or 4 play days a year I would probably work more with him on "games" but we only do it for fun!

  4. Hay cowgirl...where have you been????

  5. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.