Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ride like the Wind

I was thinking back to the days we used to ride our horses as kids. We didn't care how we got there we just were happy we made to whatever destination we had in our minds.
As I grew in my horsemanship over the last 20 years I wanted like many of us to develop this relationship with my horses that everyone was talking about. I started on my journey learning about how horses viewed and responded to our world.
It became very clear to me that I had to look at myself and make changes that my horses could understand. I had to be responsible for my reactions, thoughts and attitudes. When I made those changes my horses did too.
During this last year when I was doing a lot of self growing I had a hard time riding my horses because I didn't feel I could give them that emotional control they needed from me.
I found though that the work I put in building trust and communication with my personal horses paid off and they were able to fill in for me. What a beautiful example of a relationship.
I would love to hear some example from you on how you have a special relationship with your horses. Christa lynn

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