Friday, March 5, 2010

Dressage in a wheat field......

Ive always been in awh when I see dressage. The highest level of horse training, expressed through horse and rider. I have always ridden western and am a true blue cowgirl, but I still love the elegance and finese of dressage.

When my first colt arrived 18 years ago I noticed very quickly that when he ran and played he had the most beatiful extended trot. He was my first try and crossing a quarter horse with an arabian. I realized that the incredible arab had given him the extended trot.

I raised him a trained him myself, I have to admit he was my ginney pig through all my years of learning to train. He was a great student or maybe i was.

One day I was riding him out in this beautiful wheat field , it was dusk and we were on our way home. Suddenly I noticed his intention began to well up underneath me. He rocked back on to is hind end and lifted his front end and begin to extend his legs so far in front of him they were rising over his shoulders.

I envisioned my self in a Olympic dressage ring flying across the middle, the really neat aspect was he was trying to trot above the wheat field beneath him so it felt like we were flying 3 feet above the ground.

the smile on my face was so big i thing tears of joy ran down my face just to experience the collection and impulsion under me, and that moment I knew that riding through that wheat field was really the moment we are all looking for.


  1. Very cool, what a neat experience! Would have loved to see a video of that. An Arab cross is always a nice horse, adds a little float to the trot! :)

  2. i always describe their trot with a float. we are kindered spirits