Monday, March 1, 2010

Tell me about your favorite horse......

Tell me about your favorite horse and why???

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  1. My horse named Nate! You remember him the foal out of Jill (American Saddlebred) who went with you and whisket to Cuyamaca....How we enjoyed the bug spray on us that flew in our eyes and mouth as we were laughing. The day you rode on trail without a curb bit and just a natural rope halter. The little girl in you that came out and all of our learnings and trials of what can be created when the wonder and the joy of sharing knowledge with a wonderful powerful heartfelt woman that would share as well! Her creative energy to go out into the world and make the horses life a better place to be in while the human stretches and grows even more.

    Thank you Nate and Jill..


    Good Luck on your projects and journey...never to end.